The Double Bottom Line

Image showing puzzle pieces labeled Social and Business

Nancy Faunce, President and CEO of FasTracKids, said to me: “My friends ask me when am I going to retire. I don’t see it in my near future. I love what I do too much.” Nancy’s passion is echoed in the approximately 200 franchisees in the FasTracKids system.

One of the key satisfaction components within the FasTracKids system is our commitment to a blended bottom line. Impacting the lives of children and families by providing quality educational resources allows all FasTracKids franchisees to establish a double bottom line for their businesses.

“Double bottom line”  seeks to extend the conventional bottom line, that measures fiscal performance—financial profit or loss—by adding a second bottom line to measure their performance in terms of positive social impact – Wikipedia.”  Bizfluent explains this concept like this: Jeb Emerson coined the terms “blended value proposition” and “blended return on investments.” “Blended” includes more than financial considerations…” Read the rest of the article.

Dave Nagar, who has been a FasTracKids franchisee for over 15 years puts it this way: “If you have an interest in developing a kid’s learning ability…and also have an incredible opportunity to build a solid business for you and your family…It’s (FasTracKids is)  an incredibly rewarding program.Watch the video.

Clearly, it is possible to both do well and do good as a FasTrackids  Master Franchisee. If you can see yourself building a team of conscientious and ambitious small business owners to embrace the concept of the blended bottom line, FasTracKids Asia is currently looking for Master Franchisees for the territories of Hong Kong, Taiwan, Macau and Japan.  Click the button to begin:

English Language for Young Learners – An Expanding Opportunity

  • 1.5 billion English Language learners.
  • 1.75 billion people speak English.  
  • 2.0 billion English speakers by next year.
Image of four children sharing one book.

John Knagg, a British Council member, estimates that there are 1.5 billion English-language learners worldwide. The British council also puts forth that the number of English learners around the world is only expected to grow. English is currently spoken by 1.75 billion people worldwide—one out of every four people on the planet. The group estimates that by 2020, 2 billion people will be using the language. Read it here.

FasTracKids Asia is committed to giving young children the proficiency in English they need in order to be confident and competent English language learners. Through our proprietary methodology, we create an environment where young learners thrive:

  1. We emphasize the fun in learning. Our classrooms have a relaxed atmosphere that alleviates stress and allows children to learn.
  2. Our methodology balances the use of technology so students can hear and practice with native English speakers as well as collaborations so our students practice speaking with peers.
  3. The use of educational zig-zagging engages our students so they are enticed to learn and are never bored. See what FasTracKids has to say about methodology.

We are looking to provide this fun, educational experience to more children around the world. If you are interested in a Master Franchise and bringing the opportunity of English language learning to your community and your region, we’ll explore the possibilities with you. Just click: