About Master Franchising

Master franchises are a unique and somewhat rare business opportunity. Unlike a traditional franchise where a business person acquires the rights to operate the franchise concept in a territory or multiple territories, a Master Franchisee partners with the franchisor to develop an entire region. The Master Franchisee does the work of marketing, acquiring new franchisees and providing a certain level of on-going support to franchisees within the assigned region according to an agreed upon development schedule. In exchange for this development work, the Master Franchise receives a significant portion of the initial franchise fee and a percentage of the on-going royalties paid by the franchisees within that region. In essence, the master franchisee builds a business within the greater franchise business while still being supported by the franchisor.

The opportunity provided to a Master Franchisee usually has much more potential than that of an individual franchisee because of the potential scale of the operation. The Master Franchise usually involves a large region, country or even multiple countries with the rights to sell numerous individual franchises within that assigned region. The Master Franchisee has the opportunity to continue to grow their business by recruiting new franchisees and helping existing franchisees grow.

FTK East Asia, LLC’s sole purpose is to partner with prospective Master Franchisees in developing certain regions of East Asia for FasTracKids International. For more information on the available regions and master opportunities, click the Contact button.