FasTracKids, International is a world leader in early childhood education business opportunities globally. FasTracKids East Asia is focused on developing opportunities in Asia. The greatest opportunities remaining are in Hong Kong, Japan, Macao and Taiwan. If you want to grow while putting children on a fast track to learning and leading, we will work with you to see if FasTracKids fits your objectives.


Master Franchise Opportunities

Becoming a FasTracKids Master Franchisee is an ideal investment in the future. Use proven educational and business practices to expand your business interests, while at the same time equipping theĀ  next generation for success.


About FasTracKids East Asia

FasTracKids East Asia is committed to providing an infrastructure that nurtures successful business practices while delivering a product that produces global citizens.
The bond formed between a successful entrepreneur and a highly acclaimed educator in 1998 still stimulates growth today.