What Is FasTracKids?

Image of empty classroom ready for studentsFasTracKids International plays an important role in the world’s need for educational solutions that create better prepared children – for school and for life. FasTracKids is an acknowledged leader in providing results to address the globally recognized need for innovation, creativity, language and analytic skills in our future generations. Focusing on the FasTrack Five Advantages – criticle thinking, creativity, communication, collaboration and confidence – FasTracKids programs help children bring these skills to their educational and life settings through an interactive, compelling and captivating environment. By developing better-prepared, more effective learners, FasTracKids has a direct impact on the children who pass through its doors and in their communities around the globe.

FasTracKids early-learning programs reach a wide age range of children, from as young as 6 months up to 8 years.  The early learning programs are designed to support and enhance a child’s development in cognitive, emotional and social skills. Through the combination of multi-sensory learning methods and interactive technology, FasTracKids provides an educational advantage for the 21st century while making learning fun!